What Happened To Fruitopia: The Coolest Juice Drink Of The 90s

Fruitopia was the coolest drink of the 90s lunchroom. I distinctly remember drinking a can of the fruity, sugary goodness, usually Strawberry Passion Awareness, while debating with my friends over which flavor was best.

So, what happened to these iconic 90s juice drinks and where can you get them now? Keep reading to find out!

What Was Fruitopia and How Did It Become So Popular?

Fruitopia is a line of juice drinks created by Coca-Cola in 1994. Beloved by kids and adults alike in the 90s and early 2000s due to its unique taste and creative packaging designs, the drink still has a cult following of fans that want to reconnect with the flavors of their childhood. Everyone enjoyed Fruitopia back then, and you could find it almost anywhere: Grocery stores, corner shops, soda machines, and school lunchrooms. It was that popular!

Fruitopia had a unique flavor that made it stand out from other juices on the market. Additionally, its whimsical packaging and fun marketing campaigns helped to make it an iconic beverage of the 90s. With popular flavors like Strawberry Passion Awareness, Tangerine Wavelength, and Beachside Blast, the drink quickly became a fad, complete with its trippy, fun commercials.

This awesome juice drink was made with real fruit juice and natural flavors, making it a healthier choice than other sugary drinks available at the time. This put it in direct competition with Snapple and Pepsi’s FruitWorks.

So, what happened to Fruitopia juice drinks?

Sadly, Fruitopia was phased out and sort of discontinued in the United States around 2003, although many of its flavors live on in other products. It’s not easy to satisfy your Fruitopia craving these days if you live in the States, but it is still possible.

Now, we will discuss the various flavors of this popular juice drink and where you can still find a few of them.

Fruitopia Flavors

The brand had a huge variety of awesome flavors to suit almost anyone’s tastes. Here’s a list of every flavor Fruitopia used to offer:

  • Strawberry Passion Awareness
  • Raspberry Psychic Lemonade
  • Strawberry Kiwi Ruckus
  • Beachside Blast
  • Citrus Consciousness
  • Fruit Integration
  • The Grape Beyond
  • Tangerine Wavelength
  • Pink Lemonade Euphoria
  • Lemonade Love & Hope
  • Tea Flavors: Beachside Blast, Banana Vanilla Inclination, Citrus Consciousness, and Citrus Excursion

Which Fruitopia flavor is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

Where You Can Find Fruitopia

In the United States, McDonalds still sells limited flavors of this specific juice drink brand at select locations under a licensing agreement. You can also still find some varieties rebranded as Minute Maid juice flavors, a juice brand also owned by Coca-Cola. Initially, the rebranded flavors included Strawberry Passion, Tropical Citrus, Berry Kiwi, and Raspberry Lemonade, but it seems the Strawberry Passion and Tropical Citrus have been dropped from the Minute Maid line as well.

Fruitopia might be discontinued in the U.S., but the juice brand still lives on in Canada and Australia with a few of the same flavors, like Strawberry Passion Awareness and Fruit Punch, plus some interesting ones I have never seen before!

If you get the chance, you should try some of this awesome juice. It is really good!

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